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During the time of the Renaissance, many inventions were created. For example, mechanical clock, telescope, compass, eyeglasses, etc. Although these inventions are very important and still could and do help us today, one of the most important inventions of the Renaissance was the good old fashioned printing press! Probably wasn’t good old fashioned back then, but the printing press was created by a fellow named Johannes Gutenberg, who was a genius at the time. The printing press was kind of like a stamp. You would write it once, put ink on it, and then stamp it onto the pieces of paper. This might seem like a lot of work, but before the printing press was created, people had to hand write thousands of books! This specifically helped during the Renaissance because when people went to church, they needed a bible.This was important because the bible was the first book to be produced with such large amounts. With the printing press, the inventors could make “copies” for everyone to have! With the amount of books that were able to be produced, there were more abilities for people to learn how to read, and get inspired. The printing press invention helped shape religion, reformation, education, and the value of book in general!

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