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Each of us agrees that life can be very hectic. An endless number of deadlines, house work, friends and many more, because of all this, the question arise: “Why in a day there are only 24 hours?”
The truth is, many of us don’t spend time wisely. Most likely, we pass lots of time on Facebook, Twitter or some other social network. Here are some advices that will help improve your productivity and health.
1. Use list method.
For some, using lists is an effective way to increase productivity. However, in most cases people create lists that do not work at all. Here are some examples-
A. The list of “3 tasks”
Write down the 3 most important tasks that you need to accomplish. You can divide them into 3 different categories: first – work, second – health, the third – all other tasks. The goal here is to finish 3 tasks by the evening, and 2 tasks should be completed before lunch. Using this list will ensure that even if your level of productivity is very low, you will perform 3 most important tasks in one day.
B. Don’t Do List
This list is very simple. All you need to do is write down 3 bad habits that prevent you from performing your tasks. Hang a sheet on the wall or computer, and try not to follow any of your habits from the list. By doing this, you get a clear idea of how you manage your time. This will greatly improve your productivity.
2. Turn off notifications on your phone.
With the advent of phones, access to social networks has become more than ever simple. However, this convenience can be expensive. For most people it is a big challenge to concentrate. They receive a notification from Facebook every 10 minutes. If you leave the notifications on, you may be distracted. So, by disabling them, you will not be distracted until you complete your work. If you wish, you can go even further and remove social networking applications from your phone.
3. Take small breaks between works
Managing time does not mean just working. You need to relax. In fact, work breaks are great way to increase your productivity. To work on something for too long is not the most effective way to use your time.
Instead of frustrating yourself, it’s worth taking a break. This is a good way to reboot. During the break you are free to do whatever you want.

It’s a good idea to do some physical exercises. You can watch some funny movie or read Twitter or Facebook. Just do what will allow your brain to rest. This will help you stay awake.

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4. Get enough sleep
Sleep is the most important aspect when it comes to productivity and health. People who don’t sleep well have a high chance of getting obesity or various diseases. Not the best way to become productive. True?
Scientists advise to sleep 7-8 hours at night. Also, a 20-30 minute daytime sleep is a good way to scare away fatigue. Modifying sleeping time is the easiest way to start a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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