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Edith Mendoza
Reflection paper

The aim of this paper is to describe? how microaggresstion, trauma, and self-care can be used to understand how it important these roots are in the Business field . From gender, religion, social class and age, ethnic inequality, and racism, prejudice is a huge part of minority diversity in business organizations. Racism is a complex issues that’s can’t easily be approached or confronted with just one ide a. In the business field it would impact entrepreneurship, relationships between business organizations, personnel relations, and business culture,. L leading to the failure of any company to achieve goals and make profit. The knowledge consumed during these few weeks will help me identify, approach, and find a solution to such behavior in a business working environment. A Business department to the whole the building company i tself becomes a smaller version of the world that comes along with social issues that shouldn’t be avoided.
Macroaggression was described to be aas “death with by a thousand nicks” (- Alvin Poussaint.) This topic deals with the racism and stereotypes that are sugar coated or hidden between the “good” in people that isn’t as easy to identify as blunt discrimination. Comments such as “You speak English so well” to a person with a difference ethnic background can be confused as a complement or a nick. In a business work place we aim to have a community of different races, ages, and sexes; in short, diversity. The percentage of microaggresstion is high due to balancing the environment and keeping your professionalism. Studying and researching about microaggresstion was important to implement in a business work place because not only was it a topic I didn’t know about at first, but it’s an issue that is found where diversity is presented. I look forward to working with a company that obtains equality with despite sex, ethnicity, and age, and now microaggresstion is something to keep an eye out for because it can become more impactful thant a blunt racist act. This will help me in a business office by keeping the environment free of judgment, how to deal with microaggresstion, and preventing myself from being microagresstive . The ability toof identify when someone is being microagresstive gives you the chance to teach others about it. Stopping the discrimination before it spreads, by telling your coworkers or even someone in a higher position that they are being microagresstive and what it means . This leads to dealing with the problem by informing the relevant parties that the action was negative and pointing out the discrimination so it won’t happen again. Sometimes you even find yourself being the wrong one and having someone point out your microaggresstion, which can lead to a goal to keep the business office free of judgment and a strong defense/protection toward each individual inside and outside that office. If the problem isn’t stopped or identifiedy it can lead to another problem, something as serious as trauma .
Trauma means emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock and sometimes leads to long-term neurosis. I think it’s important to understand trauma because it can lead to having an individual in an uncomfortable place and allowing that creates an acceptable environment for negative judgments. This will help me in the office because with a degree in business management being able to distinguish when someone is in aexperiencing trauma and avoiding to contact HR or report any discrimination that lead to depression. Having someone in the office with such situation can bring lack of focus for the business and absent from the work place itself. It starts to impact the person’s effectiveness in the workplace. Understanding the importance is helping the company to both prevent and respond to trauma. Helping in a way that can start to speak of and practice self-care.
When dealing with psychological issues in a working environment the best way to approach is to find a solution. “Lacking a meaningful support system and feeling isolated, Ikpi was not prepared to accept her diagnosis or that it required a lifetime of careful monitoring and a strict regimen of medication. After six months, she stopped taking her meds, crashed, and was hospitalized for the first time in her life” (Alfaro). I think it’s an important thing to know self-care when dealing with a working place with all the discrimination and prejudice that happen outside and inside the company lead to health issues. We want to be able to have a support system and have people trained strong minded to be able to sustain the culture safe. In business we deal with issues like those that require motivate positive coping and problem solving support that we learned in many of these articles. Applying this naturally in the flow and culture to the company will be healthy and therapeutic when dealing with harsh situations like racism.
Business come along with mental thinking and behavior if any of these are presented then we should be aware. I think psychology as my minor has thought me that business isn’t all about numbers and percentage, but involve with human behavior that target health issues and social issues. Welcoming the understanding of psychology can build not only a better world outside the business world but also inside corporate companies, offices, and organizations.

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