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Employee Adaptiblity and Satisfaction towrds the inination of HRIS in TESCo

TOC o “1-3” h z u 1. Purpose of the Research PAGEREF _Toc502747616 h 22. Introduction and Background of Research PAGEREF _Toc502747617 h 23. Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc502747618 h 34. Aims and Objectives PAGEREF _Toc502747619 h 35. Proposed Research Methods PAGEREF _Toc502747620 h 45.1 Research method PAGEREF _Toc502747621 h 45.2 Sampling PAGEREF _Toc502747622 h 45.3 Tools PAGEREF _Toc502747623 h 46. Project Plan, Budget and Timeline PAGEREF _Toc502747624 h 46.1 Project plan and timeline PAGEREF _Toc502747625 h 46.2 Budget of the research PAGEREF _Toc502747626 h 57. Issues to be considered PAGEREF _Toc502747627 h 57.1 Accessibility to the data PAGEREF _Toc502747628 h 57.2 Time and resources needed to complete the research PAGEREF _Toc502747629 h 57.3 Budget constraint PAGEREF _Toc502747630 h 57.4 Validity of the data PAGEREF _Toc502747631 h 57.5 Potential ethical issues PAGEREF _Toc502747632 h 68. Potential use of the research findings PAGEREF _Toc502747633 h 69. Conclusion and recommendations PAGEREF _Toc502747634 h 6References PAGEREF _Toc502747635 h 7
1. Purpose of the ResearchAround the world, now digitalization of process has become a one of the major issues nowadays. Now organizations are undertaking the digitalization of process for organizational efficiency and effectiveness. And, the issue of digitalization has reached to that point where digitalization of process is not a matter of choice but a matter of survival. But, the thing with digitalization is that people or the employees who are involved with the process needs to be adapt and happy with the introduced system. Or the whole purpose of digitalization will go in vain. Recently, TESCO, one of the largest chain operating in UK has undergone one of the major digitalization in process in their Human Resource and have introduced HRIS in the process (Reuters, 2018). The purpose of this research is to identify the employee adaptability and motivation with the newly introduced HRIS system at TESCO.
2. Introduction and Background of ResearchTESCO is an UK based multinational retail chain established almost a hundred years ago. And, with more than 475,000 employees working at TESCO, it is considered to one of the largest employers in UK (Corporate Watch, 2018). And, for a massive organization like the TESCO the digitalization of the process asks to be digitalized for the betterment of the management process. And, with the large number of employees that are working in TESCO the HR is one of the most important and critical process that requires digitalization. It is important because, the as the number of employees working at TESCO is simply too high to manage them using a legacy paper based system. A paper based system would require too much time and space and a lot of man power to manage which is simply too expensive and complicated to manage. But, a digital system allows the management to manage the HR process with less time and resources. That is why a new term has emerged naming Human Resource Information System (Kovach & Cathcart, 1999). This a system that is dedicated to manage the human resource system using a digital process that would require the least possible amount of resources as well as the least possible amount of time. But, there is an issue that accompanies with the HRIS process in TESCO. That is, as TESCO has a higher number of employees it is always uncertain how the existing employees would accept a new system. And, it is a given that some of the employees would take the new system at ease and some will have difficulties in adopting with the new system (Maier, 2013). And, with the digital system the number can be high as adopting with the digital technology can require a certain level of expertise to cope up with the system which many of the employees may not possess. So, as the employees may have some skill gap adapting with the digital technology may seem difficult to them (Lippert & Swiercz, 2005). And, this may bring some dissatisfaction among the employees. Which is not good in an organization like TESCO as it is a retail organization and customer employee communication is eminent and if the employees are not happy then the communication process would face some serious trouble (Trade magazin, 2018). That is why it is important to find out the employee adaptability and satisfaction to the HRIS as it is directly linked with the success of the system.
3. Research QuestionsResearch question are the main tool that are used for collecting data. Moreover, the research questions are the one which defines the research process. And, that is why the research questions needs to be according to the proposed research. Here, the research is about the adaptability of the employees of TESCO to the introduced HRIS system in the organization. The answers to the following questions are important to find out in the context of the research-
1. Is the HRIS system introduced in TESCO easy to learn?
2. Is the HRIS system in TESCO easy to use?
3. Has the HRIS system in TESCO made the HRIS process easier?
4. Has the HRIS system in TESCO made the Human Resource management process cost effective?
5. Has the HRIS system in TESCO made the Human Resource management process time effective?
6. Are you happy with the HRIS system that is currently in action at HRIS?
And, if answers to these questions can be properly found out, then it the research question regarding the adaptability and satisfaction of the employees towards the HRIS in TESCO will be understood properly.
4. Aims and ObjectivesThe aim and objective of this research as the title states that this research focuses on the adaptability and satisfaction of the employees towards the HRIS process that has been adopted in the management of TESCO. The objectives of this research can be defined in the following way-
Understanding the level employee of adaptability with HRIS system that has been achieved with the initiation at TESCO
The level of employee satisfaction that has been achieved with the initiation of HRIS process in the TESCO.
This objectives serves the common purpose of understanding the effectiveness of initiating the HRIS process in TESCO and employee response towards it.
5. Proposed Research Methods5.1 Research methodAs the required data needs to come from the employees of organization it is important that the data is collected form the employees themselves. That is why a survey based study will be used here. Moreover, the data will be interpreted using a quantitative approach. That means the collected data will be converted into quantitative data for analyzing and representation.

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5.2 SamplingThe sample scope is the organization premises of TESCO. Only the employees of TESCO will be survey. So, they are the target population. A simple random sampling will be used in the survey process. And, the sample size will be 100 employees.

5.3 ToolsAs the as the data collection tool to this research, a paper based questioner will be used. And, for analyzing the data MS Excel and IBM SPSS will be used.

6. Project Plan, Budget and Timeline6.1 Project plan and timelineThe research activity will be divided into four different phases. First, the submission of the research proposal and studying the initial literatures critical for the research. This will take one week. Then the deification of the methodology and collection of data phase. This would take the second week and third week. The third week also be used for analyses of data. And, on the third week will be sued for writing and representing the research results that has been found.

6.2 Budget of the researchAs this is a student paper, naturally the budget for this research is very limited. And, with this limited budget the research will be trier to be conducted accordingly.
7. Issues to be considered7.1 Accessibility to the dataAs this research needs to be done in the organizational premises of TESCO, this requires managerial level of permission to conduct the research. So, in cases the accessibility in this research may get limited.
7.2 Time and resources needed to complete the researchAs the plan provided earlier, it is clear that this research will take 4/+ weeks to complete.
7.3 Budget constraintAs a self-funded research, this research has some serious budget constraints. And, this research needs to work with the constraints that are in the process.

7.4 Validity of the dataThere may also some concerns regarding the validity of the data. The employees may provide some data which are biased and not always they might provide the appropriate data.
7.5 Potential ethical issuesAs these are organizational level information, it is important that the personal level data that are collected needs to be kept secret. Moreover, the survey needs to be on voluntary basis. No kind of influence can be applied to collect the data.
8. Potential use of the research findings
This research is to form an understating of the level of employee adaptability and employee satisfaction level towards the HRIS process at TESCO. This will help TESCO have chance to betterment of process if that is needed and have an appropriate level of employee satisfaction. And, this will contribute to the overall organizational effectiveness of TESCO. Moreover, this will also serve as the reference data for the other originations that are planning to adopt the HRIS process and they will know what the issues are they may face in initiating the HRIS and what they can do to resolve it.
9. Conclusion and recommendationsThis research is a critical one and important one as this includes the organization like TESCO. So, the organizational rules and regulations needs to abide by when conducting the research. Moreover, the ethical issues needs to be kept in mind. And, the research needs to be kept at that level so that it can comply with the constraints.
ReferencesCorporate Watch (2018) Tesco Company Profile – Corporate Watch. Online Available at: Accessed 03 January 2018.

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Reuters (2018), Tesco to outpace growth at global rivals – study. Online Available at: Accessed 3 Jan. 2018.

Tesco (2018), Key facts – About us – Tesco PLC. Online Available at: Accessed 03 January 2018.

Trade magazin (2018). Tesco, Coop és CBA a Toplista élén. Online Available at: Accessed 03 January 2018.

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