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Enterobacter cloacae infections that target the bladder and urinary in Iraqi women. To simplify the comparisons, phylogenetic trees ( Fig. 4) were reconstructed using sequences corresponding to 16S rRNA gene sequences were available in the GenBank/NCBI databases. To complete this study, we determined the 16S rRNA gene sequences of Enterobacter cloacae (Fig. 3). This Iraqi strain was obtained from NCBI to get ID: MG722641.1 compared to E. cloacae RL03 with one nucleotide (fig 3) in 612 for translated specific region.

Distance analysis is determinated the pathogenic strains of E. cloacae from geographic genetic distances between for each strains compared with other world strains , 16S rRNA gene distances were sufficient to allow clear discrimination between different species, whereas gene sequences often exhibited much shorter distances between world species (Fig. 4 ) , the processing show , Indian E. cloacae MSRI appeared nearest to Iraqi E. cloacae MSRI from other groups that it take branched cluster of tree were very closely related (ranging 0.051 nucleotide substitutions per site nss?1. Other studies confirm that sequence analysis of 16S rRNA genes is suitable method for delineation at higher taxonomic levels; for example, sequence heterogeneities among 16S rRNA operons can affect phylogenetic analysis at the species level 26 . However, the majority of phenotypically close E. cloacae species could be easily discriminated genotypically using house-keeping genes such as 16S rRNA genes.

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In summary, this study shows that 16S rRNAgene represent highly valuable phylogenetic tools offering discriminatory power superior to distinguishing between species. Moreover, extensive evolutionary distance comparisons using of conserved gene should help to better define a genetic basis for classification into genera and families. This would be of great value for revisiting the taxonomy of bacterial species.

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