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Establishing a Society without Stratification
In theory, sociologists have argued upon the establishment of a society with the element of stratification. Such a society which terminates the possibility of inequality based on class or status is termed as an egalitarian (Goettner-Abendroth, 2007). Sociologists have tried to define the social structure of a community by explaining defined classes within it. In this context, a theorist, Max Weber, believed that a society was created by the action and interaction of individuals living within that society (zeitgeist777, 2014). Furthermore, these actions and interaction resulted in the creation of divisions and classes within a society based on different factors such as economic, social or even historical.
However, in reality, every society have its degree of hierarchy. The existence of genders, wealth, poverty, elderly and the youth in a society eliminates the idea of the actuality of a society completely eradicated of social stratification. Moreover, an analytical evaluation of a community structure displays the importance of stratification. In context, existence of a society completely free of social equality is untenable. David and Moore suggested inequality as a universal concept and eliminable (kusi, 2012). On the other hand, Marx argued that inequality is a self-inflicted concept that can be eliminated from developing within the community. The greatest example of such a theory aplied within a system was displayed by the soviet community.
Soviet system tried to present a communal setup completely devoid of human class system and inequality. Although, it was successful in the reduction of class system and inequality to a great extent, however, the eradication of all sorts of stratification is insupportable concept.
In conclusion, it is stated that inequality is a varying trait of a man-made society. Even though, the degree of stratification has reduced a sufficient degree throughout the period of the last century, it cannot be completely eradicated from the roots of humanity. As Saunders once stated “a completely egalitarian society has never yet existed”.

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