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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Evidence presented overweight adolescents consisted of higher significant rates of experiencing depression, unhappiness and isolation (Griffiths, Parsons & Hills, 2010). A study was conducted in Iran to determine the relationship of body image disastifaction on self-esteem obese adolescents (Sabeti & Gorjian, 2013). The result of the study showed that two-third of the obese participants (63.3%) rated with low self-esteem. In addition, another study conducted with college students described the weight of the students played a huge rule in affecting the BMI score compared to their height, therefore students will feel good about their outward appearance when their weight are less compatible to their height (Pilafova, Angelo & Bledsoe, 2007). The studies showed that individuals with higher BMI score have lower self-esteem (Pilafova, Angelo & Bledsoe, 2007; Sabeti & Gorjian, 2013).

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