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Fix your PC Ran into Problem Fix the ETD.sys Error
In this topic I am going to demonstrate the issue regarding the Windows 10 error ETD.sys error. Most of the computer models are facing this issue. It actually occurs with the problem of touch device or touch pad problem.
Following are the considerable steps
Step 1
At the blue screen press the power off button and restart the computer
Step 2
Again switch on the computer and press F8 key button on the keyboard
Step 3
After that a computer screen will appear with the options of Repair and Advance Options
Step 4
Click on the Advanced Options and another screen will pop up.
Step 5
Click on the Trouble Shoot icon and further Advanced Options
Step 6
Furthermore, another window will appear with six additional options which are given below:
• System Restore (system restore creates a restore point whenever need to revert back system)
• System Image Recovery( A system image copy of the windows 10 this can be utilized to complete restoration with that copy)
• Startup Repair (The startup repair is used for repairing the certain problems that prevent the windows boot log)
• Command Prompt ( Command Prompt is command line instructions based system contingent to Windows Operating System)
• UEFI Firmware Settings (UEFI stands Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is a program when computer is switched on it helps to initiate the computer system and forward the settings of program to Operating System)
• Startup Settings (Startup settings is considered to making the overall settings reset simply refreshing the whole operating system of the Computer)
Step 7
After that click on the restart button and restart the computer. Furthermore, in this step after restart the computer Startup settings numbers will appear with following options. You can select the number by pressing the number
1. Enable Debugging
2. Enable Boot Logging
3. Enable Low Resolution Video
4. Enable Safe Mode
5. Enable Safe Mode with Networking
6. Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt
7. Disable driver signature enforcement
8. Disable early launch Anti-Malware Protection
9. Disable Automatic restart after failure.
Step 8
Removing the error which we are discussing today, we just need select 5 number option by pressing number 5 key Enable Safe Mode with Networking. Now the operating system is running under safe mode settings.
Step 9
Use the key combination to the run program dialogue box Windows+R and type msconfig in the run box.
Step 10
A new window will pop up then click on the service tab. Just disable the ELAN service from the check box and hit apply. After this process you will get a restart. After configuration of that process you will be able to work with your mouse pad without interruption of Blue Screen error

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