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For about 15 years, the Northampton high school have been arguing on whether to have school start at 7:30 or starting school at a later time. The school has not made a decision yet and has been asking the students opinions on whether to change the times or not. Starting a later school time would benefit and improve the students abilities in more ways unlike an earlier starting time.
Teenagers require 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep too help the body perform at its best. In the article, “Master of Arts in Teaching and Guiding.” The article quotes, “Teenagers need at least 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep based on their biological clocks.” Teenagers sleep cycles start 11 p.m and end around 8 a.m. High school is forcing kids to wake up at an earlier time making them sleep deprived. Sleep deprived has a bunch of health risks on teenagers. Such as depression, anxiety, potential impacts on brain development, and a lot more. Also the number 2 causing death of people who are aged 15-24 is suicide. For every one hour of sleep lost, teens increased by, “38% in feelings of sadness, 23% in substance abuse, 42% increase in suicidal thought, and a 58% increase in an actual suicide attempt.” This demonstrates how being sleep deprived affects teenagers health tremendously, and can interrupt them learning, getting good grades and can affect their daily lives.
Some high schools have shown improvement in academic performance with a later start time. The University of Minnesota conducted an experiment by switching the school’s starting times to a later time. They found that, “grades, test scores and overall performance in core subjects advanced significantly.” This illustrates how students can improve on grades and education. Also, if students have higher grades, graduation rates would increase significantly allowing more students to go to college. People who are sleep deprived have an impaired learning, memory, and health. By starting a later time, teachers have noticed an, “improvement in classroom environment where students are more alert, less moody, and less likely to sleep in class.” This illustrates how school climate and environment has improved and how students pay attention and are more alert in class and learning.
Schools that have a later time are putting a massive amount of stress on students and forcing kids to wake up out of their regular sleep schedule. Schools with a later time have an increased chance of becoming sleep deprived, which allows kids to not focus or learn in class, and can also affect the brain while its developing. By starting a later time, students can succeed in school and have a brighter future, and can maintain their emotional, physical, and mental well being allowing them to focus on what’s important to them.

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