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For as long as I can remember, I have always had the habit of organizing things. Whether it is organizing my bookshelves, my room or even my purse, I have always felt joy when doing this. I wouldn’t say that I am OCD or anything, organizing things just makes me feel more in control and gives me more mental energy to face things heads on. Like preparing for an exam, if my notes are well written in an organized manner I tend to focus more and feel more prepared and positive about it. Being an organized person also helps me be more responsible financially as it forces me to write down all my income and expenses thus helping me break bad spending habits. I also like to plan my daily, weekly and long-term goals so that I have designated steps and time allocated to meet my goals. I have always had the habit to plan things ahead of time, but in reality, things can change easily or plans can be disrupted easily. Thus, I make sure I can adjust and respond rapidly, integrating new tasks and priorities into my schedule or list of things to do.

However, being an organized person is not always that easy, as it requires a certain amount of discipline. Even with the best of equipment, it may take you a while to get organized. Everyone is different therefore different strategies as to being organized to apply to everyone.

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