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For example of poor discipline
If an officer responds late to an emergency call it puts people’s lives in danger, it could be a life or death situation that could have been prevented if they were there on time.
Police officers will face disciplinary action if they fail to be polite to the public in a bid to re-build trust, its not easy to bring back the trust but will take time for the public to trust you again.
Discipline in the uniform service plays a very important part of the job. If there were no discipline the team would not be able to work as quickly and as well as most public services do today. Different Ranks form a vital part in every public service, people from higher ranks can give commands, rewards and even punishment to lower ranks if they disobey their orders and doing their job wrong. showing good discipline everyday of your work life can lead to rewards being given to show that what you are doing does not go un-noticed, this then makes you want to continue and get better at what you are doing. Punishment are also given if you are not accomplishment up to the standards, this will make you want to meet the standard expected through fear of getting punished again, your punishment can lead you to lose your job for ever.

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