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For your second blog post assignment, I would like you to write a fully developed blog post (in at least 250 words) with multimedia annotations (images, links etc.) that explores how the five key features of civilization (politics, economics, technology, art and architecture, and religion) operated in Bronze Age Greece. In particular, I would like you to focus on EITHER the Minoan Civilization OR the Mycenaean Civilization. You only have to analyze one civilization, not both.

Your post should include the following short sections:

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1) An introduction to the civilization. Where was it located? When? How long did it last? Where were its most important sites? (e.g. 20-30 words)

2) The main body of the blog post should provide an overview, with archaeological or myth-derived evidence, of how each of the five features of civilization functioned in that society, so: Politics, Economics, Technology, Art and Architecture, and Religion. You will want to emphasize what is known about those social elements and provide evidence for their use and interaction. It would be good to add images, links, etc. of some of the key evidence in order to enhance your points. (e.g., 40 words per feature).

3) You should summarize your post (25-30 words) by briefly explaining which feature of civilization you feel may have been most important to the civilization’s success and why. If you feel adventurous, you might also want to comment on which feature (or features) you think could have contributed to the civilization’s downfall, since both of these civilizations eventually fell apart.

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