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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Fugard demonstrates that the genuine craftsman who expects opportunity to make can rapidly wind up estranged from society. After the death of her significant other, Helen reacts to the motivation she feels to make her models instead of the desires for her locale. Rather than going to chapel and assuming the part of the devout dowager, Helen skips church since it never made her vibe motivated the manner in which the demonstration of creation does. This decision starts to irritate even insult her locale, and they in the long run inquiry her rational soundness and how safe it is for her to live alone. Consigning Helen to an old people’s home would enable them to keep on justifying their conviction that she rejects social benchmarks, not on account of there is anything amiss with the guidelines themselves, but since she isn’t of sound personality. As it were, they have to trust that Helen is the issue, not them. In any case, the craftsman must have opportunity, and Helen’s flexibility appears to unnerve them. She doesn’t fit in, and she disturbs their thoughts regarding what is normal for a dowager a lady to do.

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