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Getting on to another effect of the printing press; it had made a huge impact on the world such as the Protestant religion. The printing press was a huge deal for Luther’s ideas because it had spread his knowledge of the 95 thesis around the world as many copies were made. “A third of all the books printed in Germany between 1518 and 1525 were by him. … 300,00 – were by Luther.” (Document 3) This meant that more people read his ideas about the Roman Catholic Church and more people departed from the it. One thing that i had noticed was that in Document 4, the irony between the two pictures. In the left hand side, it shows Jesus driving out the money changers out of the temple while in the right, it shows the pope collecting the indulgences. The printing press was now able to replicate these pictures and put them out for the world to see and this was another reason why people starting mistrusting the Roman Catholic Church. Another example is that in Document 5, it shows two maps with the legend showing us choices such as Mainly Catholic, Mainly Protestant, and Mixed Catholic and Protestant. During the 1500’s, the religions in Europe was Mainly Catholic but as the years passed, like in the 1560’s, there was a lot more mixed such as regions being mostly Protestant and mixed. Then again, it it weren’t for the printing press, the map of the 1560’s would still be Mainly Catholic. In Document 10, it shows Isaac Newton’s Bookshelf. He had gotten all of his ideas through the knowledge in the books and it wouldn’t have been possible without the printing press. He then began to discover more and more things such as in maths and science which he then sought to share with the world using the printing press.

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