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Global world and growing economy had made manufacturing and retailing industries to transport their logistics activities to other firm. Logistics is a management where one organization seeks another organization to perform other activities like transportation, warehousing, and information service etc.
Many companies had adopted new transportation strategies to sustain their business status over global market.
Third party logistics is more important because of growing economy and the growth of more logistics providers developed strong approaches, which increase core competences value and beneficial long-term relationship (Rabinovic et al, 1999).
Outsourcing activities are growing has an important strategy to control organizations resources and skills which will helps the company to attain success against their core competitors (Quinn et al., 1994).
China has open market for every product and it has supply chain as the largest manufacturing range of products and services such as apparel, electronic and household appliances etc. In fast growing environment, many companies in china are facing decision problems like outsourcing in global and domestic market. Term ‘outsourcing’ in this paper clearly denotes logistics activities of manufacturing companies’ forecast goods from third party suppliers, which are located within or outside the country.

3PL activities are depend on factors and business process, such as geographical factors, duration of contract, financial allocation to 3PL providers and commitment level. This paper combines traditional problems and mitigation

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Then, Based on some case studies, theoretical experiments are conducted to measure the efficiency of the proposed model and solution.

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