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Good morning/Afternoon
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kiesha Tissera … and for those who do know me, I guess y’all are the lucky ones! as you all know I stand here before you to discuss the reason why I want to be apart of the leadership team and hopefully become school captain for 2018.I realise that it’s a privilege to have the honour but I’m confident that I will be a suitable candidate.This chance to prove that I can be a leader and to show my leadership skills.I promise to work hard to be the effective leader that you would be proud of in the school. I will uphold and obey all the rules and become the role
model that you can all look up to.Now that everyone knows my name, we know what name to vote for.

I will assist teachers and students in any way possible to the best of my abilities.I strongly believe that I’m respectful a good listener and trustworthy and I also believe that all these qualities are very important in everyone’s life. This being my only my 2nd year in school, I’ve always tried to engage in almost all school activities, competitions be it inter house as well as inter school. I’ve participated in numerous school events throughout these years such as basketball, cross country,and athletics. At each of these events, besides having given my best I have also pursued my fellow schoolmates to display good sportsmanship and make our participation a proud moment for our school.

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Firstly, I would like to start by explaining to you what this position means to me. The School Captain needs to be respectful but also a fun loving person, someone can represent the school and its core values; a safe respectful learner

Secordly a good listener
Good leader will always listens to others and they never judge about who that person is and what they do and how they look like . Leaders don’t bark orders or boss people around just because their a leader. They listen to their team, their customers, their peers and their competitors because they know it is the best way to understand a situation so they can the best decision possible.

Thirdly I believe I am a trustworthy candidate I’m generally a good public speaker. I am well organised and I like to do tasks that I am given quickly. I treat everyone equally and try my best to include everyone in all activities. I enjoy helping others and setting a good example to other students. I like to try my best at anything and everything I do. I’m a polite and respectful student to both teachers and students. I like contributing to the school in any way possible.

To me the role of school captain is more than a badge, popularity or a fancy title but a chance to make a positive influence on the students even teachers.

I promise to dedicate myself to serving the school and especially you, you fellow students.So please vote for me Kiesha Tissera and show your trust in me and I promise I won’t let you down. Thank you for listening to my speech, and remember I’m not perfect but I do believe that this position is perfect for me. If you don’t recall my name just remember this kiki do love are riding be riding!

I might have put in a joke so far but if I’m school captain I will not joke around with the job and it would be a matter of importance and seriousness to in the role of leadership I believe it’s all about you and serving of Holy Spirit and cheating the needs and wants of you the students. I’m not going to stand here and make false promises that I can’t but what I will do is give you 1 billion dollars each no just kidding But I will be doing is giving you guys a helping hand when you need it and the demanding voice when you want to be heard you may not know this but have past experiences the goal captaincy like…
I would definitely do my best to create a new and fun way, my own activities with the school as some of you can tell I’m pretty nice I’m not scary and unapproachable. If I get Captain I want you to come to me with all your ideas so that I can express them in

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