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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Good morning fellow citizens of Athens, today I will be talking about banning Chariot races from future Olympic Games, and Greece combing its city states.
Chariot racing was first included in the Olympics in 684BC and is one of the most prestigious completions in the Olympics because only the wealthy can afford to maintain and transport the horses. In a chariot race four to six chariots competed in a race, and you do had to do 7 laps around a circus. Every team is a different colour either red, green, blue or white, and is managed by a different associations. The drivers are usually slaves, if they win they receive a small amount of money, and if they have enough victories they might be granted freedom.

I think chariot racing should be banned because it it dangerous to the riders, because they get entangled in the long reins, and dragged to death or serious injury. The rivalries often end up in violence, which can injure our citizens. Chariot racing is not only dangerous to citizens, the horses can be injured or killed in a race, because of the rivalries spectators are encouraged to throw nails or sharp objects at teams they don’t like, which is dangerous to the riders.

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