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Having effective communication can help the priciples of building a positive relationship, it should include having respect and consideration towards others.
Building a relationship at different stages of a young persons life changes rapidly and having a good understanding of this is necessary.
Children and young adukts should feel comfortable in our company at all times, this should then encourage more constructive communication between everyone.
We should respect, listen to and value their opinions and points of view for example,
whilst talking to a child or young adult which has english as their second language, you would need to speak slower and with facial expression.
Also the use of flash cards can be helpful so they can point to or show you exactly what they want.
For children or young people it is the litlle things like remembering their birthday or something else that may be signifivant to them, they will then feel like they have been listened to and what they have said is important.
We should also be considerate and take time to understand that sometimes children and adults have concerns and issues out of school that are happening
in their life. This could lead to them reacting out of character.
Young people see adults as role models and they start to mimic what adults do around them and start to interact more.

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