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HIST 123 TYK2 29798469
The earth history was revolutionized by the interrelated forces such as atmospheric changes,tectonic movement and global climate.

The origin of the earth :from hot to cold climate
The earth originated from the falling stars that crushed into planet earth with almost 900 degree Celsius .The attack took place with with the continuous bombs for 600 million years .The meteoroid changed the earth from hot to cold climate.

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Icehouse planet/greenhouse planet
During the Precambrian era the earth was covered with ice,then global warming occurred as a results of an increase in carbon dioxide and gases that trap the heat. This lead to the melting of ice making water vapour the largest natural greenhouse gas.

Plate tectonics,super-continents and climate change
The tectonic plates was a lithosphere that broke as a results of the volcanic activity and movement of the earth surface.The climate was changed by the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates .And that movement caused the drifting of the continents and formed super continent Pangaea.
The warming
Penna(2010:21) states that warming was caused by an interval of time within an ice age under colder temperatures that lead to the melting of ice.

The cooling
According to Penna(2010:25) the cooling if the planet was a results of division n the Southern hemisphere that lead to the transition of a global greenhouse.

The elevation of the Tibetan Plateau and the effect on the global climate
The earth experienced continental uplift which caused India and Asia continents to collide ,during the collision both of it rocks was pushed upwards which created Himalaya mountain.some of the Indian land was not dense which made it to move horizontally,this horizontal movement uplifted the Tibetan Plateau.This transition caused the climate of Asia to change from being warm-worldwide greenhouse climates about 24 mya.Which brought seasonality and the change in temperature was caused by the mountain Himalaya because it was quickly warmed by the sun.Different vegetation occurred because the temperatures was able to sustain the species.And for every change in elevation 1.5mi(2.4km) temperature drops about 32 degree(18 degree Celsius).

The Birth,Death,Rebirth of the Mediterranean sea and its hemispheric Environment Effects
Just after the breakup of Pangaea the Continental collision started and then the Mediterranean sea developed when the Continental plates jilted.

The impact of the isthmus of panama on global climate change
The impact of the isthmus on a global climate is that it prevented warm Atlantic water from revolving in the equator and fasten the cooling of the global climate
The mid-pliocene, glacial and interglacial cycles and modern times
According to Penna(2010:35) the mid-pliocene(3.3 to3mya) as a period of high temperatures.

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