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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Homelessness is the one condition when a person are staying at the street just because they not have a permanent shelter such as house or apartment. They are unable to get a safe, secure and suitable housing. They need to struggle to continue their life without permanent house. People are always underestimated the homelessness like they do not have better future. They never want to be a homelessness. There are many hidden story that can make them be a homelessness. There are three causes of homelessness which are the poverty in life, the unemployment and the substances abuse.
First and foremost, homelessness caused by poverty in life. Poverty is when people with a very low income until they cannot survive for their own life. They cannot get their life necessary. Then, because of the situation that they had, they are not affordable to buy or rent a temporary or permanent house. Poverty just not about the income that the family has but it also include the denial of opportunity. According to homelessnessaustralia, (Jan,2016), not enough money, poor in schooling, illness and disability also the condition of poverty that can cause homeless. So we can see there are too many reasons why they become a homeless and stay beside the street.
Next, unemployment also can cause homelessness . Unemployment is the situation when people does not have any job , so that they do not have any income that can support their life. 123HelpMe (2008) highlighted that they need to find another shelter because they are not able to pay their rent on time when their lose and fail to find another job. Nowadays, cost of living are increasing year by year. People with high income are not affected with the increasing cost of living, but the low and middle class income are affected with this situation. Their will get unstable economy and they need to struggle to have a good life .Then, people without a job are really affected because they cannot rent any house and they need to live on the street.
Last but not least, substance abuse are also the cause of homelessness. Term of substance abuse are standing for all the drugs and alcohol use. The addiction of drugs and alcohol can lead to the impairment of someone’s ability. Some family are cannot accept when one of their family members are addicted with drug and alcohol. They not give any support and throw them from the family. This situation may lead them to become a homeless. If this condition continuous day by day, it will increase the number of homeless. Most of the homeless are not having a job and house. According to homelesshub (2017), the people who are staying at the street and take the substances are hard to find and keep an employment and housing.
In conclusion, there are three causes of homelessness which are poverty in life, the unemployment and the substance abuse. We can do many things to decrease the number of homeless in our country. We also need to stop underestimated the homeless but we need to give them support and help them in many ways. This will make the homelessness comfortable with other people and avoid them to think negatively about themselves.

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