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How does Disneyland get employees to behave as they do?
Each country’s market has its own code of conduct that needs to be discovered and nurtured. Establishing and nurturing relationships at different stages in the market cycle brings tremendous value in expanding business and minimizing the negative aspects of risk.
Disneyland is a wonderful world for both adults and children, where people are free to fall in love with fairy tales. But to be an employee in this colorful world is not easy at all. Disney has a number of secret rules that employees must comply with at all times, or will be fired immediately. Any company around the world wants its employees to behave and keep a good attitude when it comes to work, especially when it comes to publicity. Disney too, this rule is strictly adhered to. Good attitude is the top quality should be the staff of Customer Service.
The main goal of the company is to make people happy and to keep the impression that Disney is a place where dreams come true. Their secret is not only in the training process but also in the beginning when they choose the right people. Walt Disney understands that empathy, patience and positive thinking are the most important customer service qualities. So Disney does not recruit employees, they recruit “actors” and each of them assumes the responsibility of “playing a part” in “a big performance.”
As soon as they are selected, the candidates are introduced to the 7 tutorials for the job:

• Communicate with your eyes and smile,
• Welcome and welcome all customers,
• Find a link with your customers,
• Provide the requested services immediately,
• Use appropriate body language,
• Give customers a memorable,
• Hi and thank you guests.
These guidelines are simple but if applied to the entire customer service team will make a drastic, pervasive change and become inspirational in the work for all employees in the workplace.
The following are methods to help train staff in serving customers:
Never say no: Disney employees never say “I do not know” to the customer before any questions or requests. They also never intend to refuse customers. Recognizing this is extremely important for your employees to know how to say no to customers in indirect ways without getting angry or frustrated.
Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: Understanding the other person’s perspective is the first effective step to help you avoid a conflict. Walt Disney understands that it is difficult to meet all customer requirements when such requests appear unreasonable or unconformable to the company’s policies and regulations. But it is important that customer care workers understand where the “absurdity” comes from or, more precisely, what source the customer makes the request. Finding the right cause will make it easy for the customer care worker to come up with the right solution.

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Are Disney employees committed to their organization?
Promoting commitment in the Disney organization must be both strategic and tactical. Before you make the effort to change the Disney culture. Culture is the unique characteristic of the organization: core values, ethics and regulations. Your organization’s mission, vision and strategy play an important role in determining if your company’s culture promotes commitment.
Employees commit to the goal: Employees must have a goal that fits well with the job, fully committed and working on expectations. Targeted employees not only accomplish goals but also motivate employees, team members and other departments to work.
Employee Challenge and Training: Managers commit four times more than employees in direct contact with customers. This is because there are other challenges that management faces. Give them scattered targets, avoid micro-management and allow them to learn from mistakes. Employees need continuous stimulation to maintain commitment. Every new experience for them is an opportunity to grow.

Implications and conclusion

Since its inception, the Walt Disney Company has maintained a high level of appeal for fans of many generations. Its domestic and international success seems to correlate with its ability to adhere to its vision and to promote its core values through employees and all its products.

The Walt Disney Company has a strong culture strengthened through the recruitment of similarly important talents of equal value, enhanced core values through. The Walt Disney Company has global locations, but they use a central casting center to ensure that all employees receive clear and consistent information about Disney culture and Disney values.

However, even with the gaps in research on international specific communication strategies to convey vision, mission and culture, Disney clearly reinforces their organizational culture for employees across the board. bridge, resulting in a labor force involved.

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