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How has pop changed overtime

Technology has developed massively

Lots of artists use auto-tune which means that music nowadays is less natural

There are more ways to explore different genres of music now like the internet (websites like YouTube)

It is also easier for us to access music nowadays with all of the devices and websites and with all of that, it opens us to different genres that we never listened to before

Music is popular with children, teenager, and adults

Music talks about a lot more inappropriate things nowadays than before

Do you know how pop music has changed overtime? Well, if not, I am going to tell you. First, the technology has developed massively. That alone has changed music a lot. The first way that technology has affected music is that auto-tune became a thing and lots of artists started to use it to modify their voice to make it better. That means that the pop music nowadays is a lot less natural than the older pop music. The next way that technology has affected music is that there are more ways to explore and try different genres of music with all of the devices. That is good for both the artist and the audience because the audience can explore different kinds of music and the artist can earn more fame because more people listen to his/her music. The last way that technology affected music is that with all of the devices and websites, it is definitely easier to access and listen to music. That is great because now you can listen to it at anytime and anywhere as long as you have Wi-Fi. Now back to the main topic. The second way that pop music has changed overtime is that a lot more inappropriate things are said in modern pop music. That is not good for anyone because it can offend us and influent us to do that thing. For example, if the song talks about drugs, then you might do drugs under the influence of the song. There is one person that it is good for, though: the artist! It is good for them because they use it to sell their music and they don’t care as long as their music sells well.

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