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How Much is Artificial Intelligence in Our Lives?
Gebhart, Andrew. “Have Alexa and Google Assistant Taken over the World Yet?” CNET, CNET,
18 July 2018, Web. Accessed 13 Nov. 2018.
Mr.Gebhart explains that Google with Google Assistant and Amazon with Alexa have made and continue to make huge strides in integrating their artificial intelligence with all aspects of daily life. From hotels using Alexa to replace any reason to call the front desk to Google Assistant being able to set appointments for its user, these AIs are getting much smarter. Andrew Gebhart is the Senior Associate Editor at CNET who mainly writes articles dealing with smart home technology. CNET is an online publication that shares the latest in technology and how it will affect the world. This article will contribute to my article by providing examples of how Google and Amazon are expanding their respective artificial intelligence. Since I am focusing on how AI integration will affect daily life, the examples listed in this article will help the reader in seeing how far AI has already come.
Kuo, Lily. “World’s First AI News Anchor Unveiled in China.” The Guardian, Guardian News
and Media, 9 Nov. 2018, Web. Accessed 15 November 2018.
Ms. Kuo shares the new development of AI news anchors from Chinese news agency Xinhua and how the AI uses makes it look so lifelike. With AI using real-life anchors to simulate a real human, many are freaked out my how alive the AI seems. Lily Kuo is the Beijing Bureau chief at The Guardian and also writes for Quartz, a business online news publication. The Guardian is an online news publisher for American and international news that is notable for the Paradise Papers. This article will be useful when introducing my research paper as it will give the readers a sense of how AI is being integrated. Since I am writing about how AI is being integrated into daily life, I can use this to show what near the future may entail.
Mayersohn, Norman. “The Computer Chauffeur Is Creeping Closer.” The New York
Times, The New York Times, 19 Oct. 2018, Web. Accessed 16 November 2018.
Mr.Mayersohn explains how AI integration in cars is allowing self-driving cars to become a reality. He also explains how self-driving cars could reduce the number of car accidents as the human error factor is eliminated with AI. Norman Mayersohn is a freelance writer who has written transportation-related pieces for publishers like the New York Times, Business Standard, and the Seattle Times. The New York Times is a very popular publisher being the second most circulated in the United States and seventeenth in the world. The information in this article will allow me to explain how AI works in cars in order to make the safest decision. Focusing on the AI’s integration in cars, I can use this information to bring up the controversy of AI potential making life and death decisions without a human’s perspective.
McFarland, Matt. “I Spent 53 Minutes in Amazon Go and Saw the Future of Retail.” CNN, Cable
News Network, 3 Oct. 2018, Web. Accessed 16 November 2018.
Mr.McFarland explains how the technology behind Amazon Go allows it to possible to shop and leave the store without having to wait in checkout lines. Making this possible involves lots of cameras, sensors, and the use of artificial intelligence to determine what exactly a customer bought. Matt McFarland is a writer for CNN Business and a former writer of the Washington Post that writes articles focusing on innovation in the technology world. CNN is a Global, American-based news provider that has received six Emmy Awards this year. This article provides another way that AI is being implemented into every aspect of life. Seeing that my paper is talking about how AI is changing daily life, this article will allow me to express the idea that AI will be everyone including shopping.
Velazco, Chris. “Google’s Reservation-Making AI Will Be Making Calls Soon.” Engadget,
Engadget, 27 June 2018, Web. Accessed 14 Nov. 2018.
Mr.Velazco discusses the upcoming feature of Google’s AI, Google Assistant, being able to set reservations and get business hours by calling the businesses and asking them. He goes on to say that at its current state the Google Assistant that is available for consumers can’t do much but when Google Assistant calls the companies it sounds like a real person and not a machine. Chris Velazco is the senior editor for mobile technology articles at Engadget. Engadget is a global media organization that shares the stories of people and technology that are changing the way people interact in the world. This article will be useful in my paper as it goes more in-depth into one aspect of how advanced these AIs are becoming. As I am focusing on how AI will affect how everyone interacts with the world, this article will be useful in representing how much we as humans rely on technology.

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