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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Humans, environment, and animals encounter radiations every day in their lives without observing them or feeling it. Radiations can be harmful and non-harmful to every living thing on earth and is classified in to two categories which are the ionizing radiations and the non-ionizing radiations. The non-ionizing radiation include radio waves, micro waves, infrared, and visible light which are non-harmful to living things, in the other hand, Ionizing radiations which include ultra-violet, X-ray, and gamma rays are harmful to every living thing in high and low amount of exposure because of the high energy waves they produce by the nuclear particles which are the Alpha, beta, and gamma particles. When any rays from the ionizing radiations hits any living thing the Alpha particles stops moving in the Epidermal cells of the human body and Beta particles stops moving in the tissues which can cause little damage to the body. Gamma rays doesn’t stop, it pierce through the bones and organs of the body which can hit the cell and reverse the function of the organs and the production of proteins will be altered which causes mutations in the DNA, this happens because of the Free radicals, where an e- is removed from H2O which produces Hydroxyl radical the worst chemical compound because it is unstable and unpaired. Although X-rays are used in medical field, doctors put in mind and review the patients record in how many times they have been exposed to it and can refuse in whether they can be exposed to X-rays, However it might not be affective and patients can be affected even at low dosages. Radiologist are even more at risk in developing cancer. A great solution in how patients and radiologists can be at great lower risk of getting cancer is by getting lead protection gloves, glasses, and apron to wear to shield from the gamma particles due to its high number of electrons and which can stop most of the rays passing through the cells, moreover, Antioxidants can reverse the effect of ionizing radiations since antioxidants donate e- to be completely paired and healthy. Vitamin A, C, and E are enriched with antioxidants which helps donating e- to cells that are affected from the gamma particles for example, strawberries and cherries are antioxidants. Antioxidants Enzymes can be also taken as pills like Dismutase can help donate e-, Catalase helps in donating 2 e-, and Glutathione helps donating 3 e- to hydroxyl radical which then turns it to H2O, moreover every enzyme taken will focus specifically on each free radical found in body, with this we can prevent any damage will happen to the cells as well as mutations in DNA that causes cancer during x-ray exposure.

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