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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

I believe that speaking with an objective professional imparts many benefits. The hope is that by understanding the client’s self, he/she will be able to make positive changes in his/her life, create a life that he/she can live more fully, and be able to reach full human potential.
Clients approach the counselors for a counseling process because they want to explore of what hinders their happiness. On the other hand, the counselors must exhibit respect, genuineness, empathy, acceptance, and an unconditional positive regard so that the therapy is effective and allows the true healing to occur to the client’s life. Counselors perform several duties such as teachers, consultants, advisers, and facilitators. It is crucial for them to learn about human nature and use this knowledge to assist clients with their mental and emotional growth.
On counselor traits and skills that influence the helping process, I believe that counselors do not change people, but learn to deal with different personalities, cultures and backgrounds. I believe that clients from different cultures bring different experiences and backgrounds to the counselor’s perspective and life experiences.
On the levels of empathy, I think that counselors have to show commitment to clients’ needs by providing excellent customer service when listening to their concerns and understanding where clients are coming from. Indeed, counselors have to give clients their full attention and talk to them with kind words and soft tone of voice. This also requires not interrupting clients when they are talking in order to make them feel comfortable sharing their life stories. In addition, avoiding self-disclosure is crucial since sessions are about clients and not about counselor’s feelings and concerns.
There are many techniques that can be used by counselors. They just have to choose what’s the most effective approach/ technique to be used for every client’s situation/ problems.

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