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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

I do believe that advertising to children should be more restricted than it is at present. Foremost the parents are the one who should always make the decision, and if the parent allows their child to watch endless amount of television than that child may get effected by the advertisement. Majority of the kids in the U.S. have TVs in their rooms with unsupervised access to PCs. So, in this case there has been a growth of advertising channels reaching children eyes and ears intentionally. These advertisements come in many forms either by television, YouTube, apps, billboards, movies, social media, magazines and many more. The more TV a child watches, the more they become influence in wanting what they see in the commercials. Children get affected by commercial on certain age in separate ways. A child between three to six years old may not recognized the difference between the commercial or program so they won’t understand that the ads are trying to sell something. At seven to eleven years a child may understand that the advertisements are trying to sell them something, can tend to remember advertising messages, and can be overstated on how good the product are to convince that child differ. Advertisement always find a tactic way to grasp a child attention during commercials such as; bribing, adding a super person, a cartoon character discussing the product, special effect, adding repetition, music, joke, or story. In conclusion to much of anything isn’t always good, so allowing children to watch television or using PCs unsupervised can cause advertiser to easily convince any child’s mind who’s attached to the television for an extended period of time.

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