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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

I feel passionate about this issue because I have a close friend who suffers from depression. I therefore understand the pain that clinically depressed people go through. The illness has also impacted his family and friends.  I have remained his friend because I value friendship and I believe it is important to be a good friend through good times and bad times. 
Over the years I have seen depression change his personality. When I look back at the years before his depression I recall how we used to have a good laugh together and just all the fun in general. I am someone who values life and I believe it must be lived to the full. However his depression is making this harder for him which I find upsetting.
Judaism teaches us to value life. People suffering with depression often attempt to take their life which is something that I have discussed with my friend trying to encourage him to speak up or call the suicide clinic if it is something that he is tempted to do.  
The danger of depression is also alcohol and drug abuse. I am strongly against these as I value living responsibly.  

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