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I found the epiphany of short stories the most interesting which is a “sudden insight into life or human nature.” (Janaro, Altshuler, p.86, 2017) In other words, it’s like an eye opener and when one sees something in a new light. James Joyce an Irish novelist has used the term epiphany in biblical terms, as Christians view January 6 (12 days after Christmas) as the day of an epiphany because this is the day baby Jesus appeared to the three Wise Men. Epiphanies can become a turning point for a character such as the short story “The Lottery”, where a person will draw the a blank paper from a small black box and all of a sudden becomes the “winner” of the prize, the prize of death. This was one turning point I did not expect, however as its stated in our book that “Great literature unsettles, disturbs, and makes us wonder, even as it thrills us with power.” (Janaro, Altshuler, p.76, 2017)

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