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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

I have used SWOT analysis to looked objectively at my skills which helped me come up with clear personal appraisal and then developed a simple action plan.
Computer Skills – I know how to use computer applications to provide solutions to organisational problems. I know how to use Network programme to pass necessary information to my colleagues. I can use computer applications to make my work unique and organise my work effectively, Information Skills – I know how to find specific material (book, journal) in the library by using electronic and online catalogue. I know how to use different sources to find useful information (book, journals, CD-ROMs, electronic resources). I know how to get information from people through conversation and interview. I know how to evaluate and select the useful information from collected materials. Communication skills – I am approachable. I understand the principle of two ways communication by listen to and appreciate the views of others. I know the difference between organisational report and publication journals. I know how to use visual aids to enrich my presentation. I know the importance of reference in research studies to avoid plagiarism; Numerical and Analytical Skills – I am able to make simple calculations without assistance from others. I know how to present and analyse information in graphs and illustrations; Stress Management – I know what causes stress to me. I am aware of my personal symptoms of stress. Team work skills – I can lead a team. I enjoy group work so I can share my responsibility. I participate well as a member of group. I am able to listen and appreciate the views of others. Decision making Skills – I can recognise the issue that need attention and tab resources available. I can decide who need to be brought into the decision making. Organisation Skills – I am able to work and achieve my goals to deadline. I have strategies that will help me to plan and manage my time. I am aware of what makes my person organization skills more effective.
To acquire more communication skills both verbal and in writing; become more confident in my personal and professional life, improve my body language when talking to others, learn to get along with other people, read more books, magazine, newspaper, articles, become more resilient, manage stress effectively, increase my willpower, become more mindful, learn to make better decisions and choices that effect my home and work life, work on my attitude towards education, gain an academic and professional qualification and employment as a community development worker.
I will be to continue my education at Glasgow University while working alongside St. Paul Church Youth Forum. University of Glasgow will open many chances in my career life. I will start from a BA level in Community Development Undergraduate degree but my target is to reach a Postgraduate degree. Within this period as a student and practitioner I intend to apply to St. Paul Church Youth Forum for a placement. I will use all possibility to acquire the above listed skills. As a practitioner, I will be attending variety of activities which will help me to acquire good leadership skills for myself and also useful for workplace practice because I will be able to carry out my responsibility effectively. I will improve my communication skills both verbal and in writing skills because as a student I will be writing essays and reports on daily activities during practice place and also improve my verbal communication skills because I will have the opportunity to communicate with many people. Community worker role will help me to acquire good team relationship skills and ability to make good decisions. I have developed some useful routines that will be useful in my future learning. They are very simple to be included to my daily activities to achieve best results in all my efforts. These following routines were developing: After each activity use them beneficially. I will answer to the following questions: What did I learn? What skills were gained? What will I do different as a result of this learning? When will I have the opportunity to practice these new skills? When will I put my knowledge into practice?
By keeping a reflective dairy will help me to critical think about my experience and feelings as I try to develop and put new skills into practice. It will help me to collect evidence of new skills and methods in my work base practise.
Providing a Portfolio will allow me keep evidence and recordings of all pieces of work I produce that is classified as my development activities and achievement such as: certificates that I achieve from courses attended, certificates from my work place practice and my Learning Plan.
Being a lone parent comes with a unique set of emotional challenges that can be, at times, feel overwhelming. I cope from self-doubt and anxiety over money to the stress of making decisions alone which is not always easy. Also losing a sense of self after spending the day studying and working full time and then being on Mummy duty at home.
The Learning Plan has helped me realize my learning style. One widely acceptable of different learning style is experimental learning theory developed by David Kolb which works in my experience.
I learn from experience by attending classes, reading books, writing assessments and by being involved at work place practice. I will get feedback from my tutors which is very encouraging to me allowing me to take time to reflective on my experience from a different perspective to normal and drawing conclusions that working under pressure is not best way to learn on reflection I have now realized that I need to plan every step to completed any task. This is a method I will use in my work place practice.
Other one is VARK learning style which use the four main sensory receivers: Visual, Auditory, Read/Write and Kinaesthetic. After passing the four learning styles tests, I realize that I am kinaesthetic learner and I do best while touching and moving. I tend to lose concentration if there is a little or no movement. When reading, I like to scan the material first and then focus on the details. I give frequent brain breaks. Guide through a visualisation of complex task. If I have to explain a new procedure or technique, I would prefer actually demonstrating it.
With this action plan framework, I will be able to develop myself at University and be effective in my role.

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