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I think that the main theme was to ‘never give up’. Like on page 569, “But Hazel refused to surrender. She would not fade. She would fight to the end … She was Hazel Faeregine.” I think that this showed that even though we might feel weak, we shouldn’t give up. I think that the theme could also be to stay true to your friends like on page 233, “‘You helped Her Highness. I helped you.'” I think that this sentence shows that even though Hob was a spy, he kept loyal to Hazel and tried to save her.If this book was to be made into a movie, then I would probably choose the scene where the empress tells Hazel’s tutor to get Hazel to the Third Rank, because it gives Hazel pressure to do her best not getting her tutor killed. Another scene that I think should go in is when Hob was supposed to kill Hazel, but later he decides not to at the last moment. I think this would be good because we know his true side and where his loyalty lays, especially his good friendship with Hazel, although he was a spy, page 544, “Hob brought the sword up, but there it remained…. ‘I can’t.'” The last scene that should go in the movie is when Hazel saves Hob from being executed. This is because, while she was running to help Hob, she was conflicted in herself, but when she reached Hob, she stayed herself and didn’t turn into the Reaper, on page 569, “She was a sacrifice-a sacrifice the Reaper had made to herself over two thousand years ago.” I think that these parts are very important to the book, without them, I think it would be a bit boring.

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