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I would like to do my paper on James Joyce an Irish American novelist who open people minds up and not only listen to his word of poetry but understand the concept or view he wants you to see how far your mindset can grasp and go ten steps ahead into the future. James Joyce has a ground breaking style that is known for his quality of being intricate and straightforward.

Because of James Joyce intelligence, his family pushed him to get an education. He went to the university college of Dublin and earned a bachelor’s of arts degree with a focus of modern language. And he also went there to study medicine. From an early age, James showed he was prevailing in his gift for writing, and his dedication for literature.he educated himself how to articulate the language called Norwegian, so he could read Henrik Ibsen’s plays in the language they have been written.

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Joyce had his first story published in the Irish homestead magazine. But later on became a teacher to provide for his family. james continues to write his first book called; Dubliners, a collection of 15 short stories. He was only nine years old when he first piece of writing was published. It was called “Et tu healy” and it was published by his father John and share with friends. Later on, in life, he invested in movie theaters. Today in Ireland, it was about 400 movie theaters indicates the history from 1909; when Joyce helped opened the volta cinematograph.

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