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I. Biblical References – 744 references in the Bible to African countries and peoples (Cush Nubia, Egypt, Lybia) show a close connection between Africa and the Bible and the origins of Christianity.
II. Old Testament – records Africa’s involvement in the background of Christianity.
A. Africa is represented by Cush Nubia in the creation account and in the Table of Nations.
B. Numerous geographical references are made to Africa.
C. Numerous cultural references are made to the prosperity, trade, religion, and wisdom of Africa.
D. Africa was deeply involved in the politics of the Bible.
1. It was a place of refuge for economic and political refugees.
2. It was sometimes an ally of the people of Israel.
3. It was a place of oppression of God’s people.
4. It was sometimes an adversary to the people of Israel.
E. The exodus from Egypt, stood out as the pivotal event in the history of the people of God representing the judgment, salvation, covenant, and character of God.
F. Africa was featured in the prophecies of God:
1. Israel was warned not to look to Africa for protection.
2. Judgment was prophesied against Africa.
3. The restoration of Israel mentions Africa.
4. The conversion of Africa is prophesied.

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