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In 1956, Bruce Catton became author of Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrast. Throughout this historical essay, Catton was able to show his audience the various similarities as well as differences, between Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, the two main generals during the American Civil War. Mr. Catton, was a respected journalist on the Civil War and used his words to create narratives about history that would interest the people while informing as well. After reading his essay on Grant and Lee, there were plenty of similar traits, there were many contrasts between these two men. Grant and Lee, were both great generals during the Civil war that portrayed bravery as well as loyalty and strength of character. However, their distinctions come from their upbringing, personalities and political views.
During the Civil War, Bruce Catton was a historian and journalist specifically on the American Civil War. After reading Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrast, the main similarity between these two men was that they were both Generals during the Civil War. Lee represented the Confederacy, he led the Army of Northern Virginia. Grant, represented the Union, he was the general-in-chief of the Union Troop. Both of these men, led their soldiers to fight for what they truly believed was the right decision for the United States.

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