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In a session of confrontation where the counsellor feels anxious and the client being confronted feels vulnerable. Clients generally have equivocal feelings. Clients sometimes aren’t sure what they are doing, because the mental state they are in and the feeling of emotional distress. It is important if these discrepancies get resolved and if this doesn’t get solved by the counsellor the client will be trapped in this problem. It is important how the counsellor deals with the situation if the counsellor isn’t cautious on how to confront a client, the client might feel adversely criticised and let down. The client will feel worse than before they even started the session. For example Client: ” I do not have time to study and I cannot afford the fees to study anyway. But I would really like to study because it makes me feel good. Counsellor: ” It looks like you are making excuses for it, but you know what is right for you, and you chose not to do it.

The worst situation to confront a client is when they are combative because if a counsellor increases their energy level to the clients level can cause the situation to get out of control and this is an inappropriate confrontation.
Another situation when a client fails to control their emotions by yelling at the counsellor. If the counsellor confronts by saying things to increase the client’s aggression.
Challenging the client and arguing back and ignoring the client’s verbal warnings is an inappropriate way to use confrontation.

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