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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

In addition to that, In the article Young M. Kim and James S Cole article, “Student Veterans/Service Member’s Engagement in College and University Life and Education” states, “Student veterans/service members are racially and ethnically diverse, and compared to non veteran/civilian students, they are older, more likely to be male than female, and more likely to represent the first generation in their families to attend a college or university. (Young, Cole p. 692) This further on meant that, people believe that just because the way a person is, that is who they are. Many people don’t know that student veterans/service members can bring more to the table than what people think. Society feels that people who are “different” should be treated a certain way versus how others are treated, and it should not be like that. I myself have seen student veterans/service members on campus, and even though they all vary by different ethnic backgrounds, race, religion, age. The act the same way people that do not service. Thus, society needs to stop labeling people and wanting to treat them unlike others.
In conclusion, every single should be treated equally no matter who they are. Nobody should be treated like outsider just because of race, religion, sex, age, and other petty differences. People in general are equal, but hold different statuses in life. People can hold a higher status, have special laws for race, and be considered above the rest, but in the end we are all still the same. Everyone has a right to be here, on Earth. They have a right to be heard. I doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. People in society need to remember to live in America by the idea of “freedom and equality for all.” In the end, everyone wants happiness, and what better way to bring happiness than by treating everyone equally, and everyone being as one.

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