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In Andy Mulligans novel Trash it talks about and gives the reader an idea of poverty and what it is like being a person who lives amongst the trash heap using fictional places and characters . As Mulligan Introduces the characters and setting He is also explaining how these people that live in trash heap live there life, and what they do to continue living ,like when Raphael says ” most of these people live in boxes stacked tall and high” and ” I am one of the trash boys picking up stuff the city throws away” He is explaining what there houses are made from and what Raphael does to provide for himself and his family so they can continue to live. Mulligan makes the reader think about how much it would be a struggle to live in a small box house and notice that it is a real thing. Mulligan makes realise how lucky they are to live in a great country. Mulligan puts the confronting thought that people living in boxes is a real life struggles by putting it into the characters words using those quote by raphael to explain.

In Trash, the police use their power in a bad way to find the black bag they are looking for. When Gardo and Raphael were searching through the trash they found a black bag and a wallet with a key, note, ID card and money, they saw it as an opportunity for a better life. but when they found out the police were organizing a major search for the bag and if they handed it over, the police reward who ever found the bag with money, when Raphael gardo were trying to deal with the situation Gardo said “do you really think they’ll give it?” Gardo believes that they may make people work without getting the pay which may result in losing there opportunity for a better life. which shows that sometimes you can’t even trust the police where they live. Mulligan is giving the reader confronting thoughts about corruption and and how corruption is big problem some parts of the world. Raphael even said “when the police get mean you don’t want to be around” which means that most likely the people in Behala are afraid of what they can do and how violent they can get if they get caught up in a bad situation . Mulligan shows in that quote that the authorities can be brutal if they want to be and if they are desperate they can get violent, which is shown in another quote, by one of the policeman that said “i’ll break every bone in your body”. Mulligan gives the reader disturbing ideas about police brutality and corruption and makes the reader realize that police brutality is a real thing in almost every part of the world and they can hurt anyone they think has a part in a certain situation. Mulligan shows the reader trauma corruption can cause through the powerful authorities in the story.

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