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In Greek the term” cyclone” means spin. “Cycloneis such a wind. A very powerful wind, one can even say – a giant-sized whirlwind, which has one interesting feature: in its center, the air pressure is lower than at the periphery. Air masses cyclonesrotate counterclockwise in the hemisphere above the equatorand clockwise- the opposite
Cyclones, as a rule, bring with them difficult weather conditions – cloudiness, precipitation, wind strengthening, often seasonal phenomena: thunderstorms, fogs, snowstorms, ice . It is characterized by the distribution of pressure and the nature of the air circulation.

There are two types of cyclones, one is the small whirlwind common on the ground. This kind of whirlwind is changed rapidly when the air flows around the ground like trees, hills, buildings, etc., or when the air and the ground rub. The direction of its advancement will produce a vortex that moves with the airflow, causing no major harm to humans. The other is a large cyclone that occurs on the ocean and is called differently in different places.

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A tropical cyclone is one of the most dangerous vortexes. It is thanks to the low pressure in the center that it moves with a huge speed that grows due to the planet’s rotations. Depending on the speed of these cyclones, they were divided into several types. Here are some of them:
1. depression at a speed of up to 17 meters per second;
2. Hurricanes – speed exceeds the mark of 39 meters per second;
3. Storms – up to 38 meters per second.

If the cyclone approaches us in the summer, we must prepare ourselves for the deterioration of the weather. Warm air is sucked up, cooled, clouds are formed, and precipitation falls out. This weather lasts no more than a week.
When the air flows around an uneven place on the ground like trees, hills, buildings, etc., or when the air and the ground rub, there must be change its direction of advancement rapidly, and then a vortex that moves with the airflow will occur. A whirlwind was blown up. However, this whirlwind is rare and small.

The cyclone for us is first of all:
1. windy, cloudy weather;
2. almost always precipitation;
3. the wind that changes drastically

Cyclones of temperate latitudes are less dangerous. They occur primarily in the zones of the atmospheric fronts, where two different air masses meet. In the northern hemisphere, the most extensive cyclones are usually observed over the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Their repeatability depends on the time of year and the geographical area. On average in the northern hemisphere cyclones over the European part of the continent are more frequent in winter, over the Asian one in summer. Cyclones have a diameter of the order of 2-3 thousand km or more.

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