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In incontinence, the brain has an important role on how micturation is controlled. The center on the pons has the ability to decide and dictates on how the bladder functions, whether the bladder will store or empty the urine. he brain plays an important role in the control of urination. As the bladder is controlled by centers in the pons, which dictates if the bladder has to store the400-600 ml (bladder capacity). During the filling the bladder pressure should not normally rise by more than 10 cm of water to 300 ml, 0r 15 cm of water to 500 ml. Thus, in order to maintain continence, the maximum urethral pressure must exceed the bladder pressure at all times except during micturition (Mahdi,2015). Normally, the detrusor muscle in the bladder is a smooth muscle capable of passive distention and capable to contract with voiding while the urethra is lined with pseudo-stratified transitional cell epithelium in its proximal half and distally by non- keratinized stratified squamous epithelium. Beneath this is a rich vascular plexus which contributes up to one- third of the urethral pressure and which decreases with age. It has internal and external sphincter, together the intrinsic and extrinsic sphincter mechanisms of the urethra produce a greater pressure within the urethra than in the bladder. This is known as the positive

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