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In march 2011 pro-democracy protests erupted with in the southern city of Deraa after the arrest and torture of a few young people who painted progressive slogans on a school wall. After security forces opened fire on demonstrators, killing several, more took to the streets. The distress activated across the nation challenges requesting president Assad’s resignation. The governments utilize of constrains to smash the contradict simply solidified the protesters resolve. By July 2011, hundreds were taking to the lanes over the country.
Environmental issues prior to Syria’s civil war
Within a long time of 2006-2011, Syria experienced five progressive year of dry spell that made one of the greatest humanitarian emergency Syria has every known. In spite of the fact, the climate alter has altogether affected the dry spell in Syria, influencing the horticulture assets, the Assad administration has illustrated a long- term fumble and disregard of normal assets.
The dry spell caused such trouble to the environment and the individuals of Syria that it is hypothesized to have been the reason behind the Middle easterner Spring that happened in 2011.
The need of water assets administration amid the dry season caused the water quality to ended up destitute and sullied. The water deficiency in provincial parts of the nation caused agriculturists to reuse untreated squander water to water their animals coming about within the contamination of the groundwater and the surfaces. The wellbeing dangers were evident as individuals were starting to drink sullied water and falling sick with illnesses such as kidney stones and E-coli.
The extreme dry season caused an unusual population growth among the urban region of Syria. Destitute framework, youth unemployment, and crime rates started rising due to the serge of transients causing insecurity in Syria. In truth, it is assessed that 1.5 million individuals from the country ranges, and 1.2 million Iraqi outcasts moved.

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