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In the 1970’s, a brave man by the name of Harvey Milk started the fight for something he has felt since he was 14 years old. The fight for gay rights, but it was not just to do it for himself. He fought for his friends, his community, people across the country, and many more to come. Harvey created such a huge impact on the country there are films about him, documentaries, and biographies about what he has done for the gay community. Harvey may be gone, but he left such a significant mark on people’s lives. What he has accomplished has been told in different narratives and styles, while having similar ideologies and characterization.
Harvey has been portrayed in films from his point of view and in documentaries from others point of view. The movie “Milk” was a feature film made in the perspective of Harvey Milk. Throughout the movie, it is told with a voice over of “Harvey Milk” with flash forwards and flash backs as he tells his story. In this type of film, you get how Harvey is feeling throughout each situation he encounters. As something comes up the scene flashes back to Harvey who is recording his story into a tape recorder by himself. The documentary film of Milk was narrated quite differently. The documentary is filmed telling the story of what he endured, but through his friends and his community. Throughout this type of film, it is full of interviews of people who were impacted by his great accomplishments. As the film continues, it shows actual pictures of Harvey starting from when he was young, to achieving his goals for gay rights.
Along with his pictures there is footage of Milk and of him fighting for what he believed in. Lastly the biographies written about him were brief summaries about the events in his life through the information of press articles and other publishers who have written about him.

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