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In the Lord of the Flies, Golding presents a strong sense of violence between the boys between themselves and nature.We can see this in the words ‘able at last to hit someone, stuck his fists into Piggy’s stomach.’Jack punched Piggy’s stomach because everyone agreed to what Piggy said which made Jack aggravated. This shows us that he thinks that he is superior to others and that violence is the answer.The writer makes it clear that Jack has been wanting to hit someone to let his anger out.This is shown in the words ‘at last to hit someone.’ The writer makes it clear that Jack targets younger people who are physically limited. This reveals how Jack is losing humanity and civilisation by mimicking his wild surroundings due to it being free.The writers use of the destructive verb ‘bolting’ indicates that Jack would jump to the opportunity to be violent.This has connotations of the word savagery as he would leap at any chance of creating conflict and hatred to each other.The writers opinion stems from his experience when he joined the army in 1940.He then left because he realised how humans can be cruel to each other e.g. killing.Overall, this event relates to the context of real life because if there is no rules (civilisation) there will be violence which leads to death.

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