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In the movie of The King’s Speech is the king of England is king George VI had a problem with pronouncing words and having difficulty communicating with many people and lacking self confidence as he faced many he could not speak immediately. so her situation is that her husband Queen Elizabeth is hiring speech therapy for King George and on the day they go to the house of speech therapy Lionel Logue and they begin George and Lionel their talk before they start talking about the Lionel he says the king does not ask for help because it is harder for him to breathe or have difficulty speaking the word a Lionel who answered it that the smoked king was more relaxed as soon as the Lionel stood and held the headphone along with the kings of music and the Lionel told better to hear the music read because it was more relaxed the King George took it as well as the book of the couple he read it minutes until he immediately came out. The next day the King George passed, he went to his father King George V to speak a live radio to his father after telling him that he should learn to speak words especially and he would be the next king of their country. couple long wedding couple Queen Elizabeth and King George went to celebration of King Georges sister when they arrived at that time the King George comes with his brother King George VIII talking to them two but this King George VIII insulted his brother George VI because of his problem of saying words as if his minimized. One day then King George visited the lion’s house to continue his speech therapy because he wanted to learn because he wanted to prove his brother and other people he could learn but the day passed the speech he was in most people around him but he read that he was immediately led by himself and without self-esteem. The King George and the Lionel entered the palace for the preparation of the palace affairs until the day and the day the king George spoke to many people so that the King George was well advised to speak to him so that he did not is ashamed and to be very proud of his subject. and the last one is when he enters a room because he speaks his speech for the people and while the King George read and the Lionel gives courage and confidence to the king minutes after that the King Georges speech is all cheered on him because of the successful release of words to those who listened to him and thanked him for recognizing Lionel because he learned how to speak straightforward and was more admired by people.

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