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In this frequently changing world today, change and innovation play an extremely important role within any organization (Shukla, 2017). Innovation is important to organisations today as doing this will ensure employees develop the creative confidence thus to has the ability to come out with creative ideas and the courage to try it out at the same time conspire to influence the desired changes in the world around them (Imaginenation, 2016). Besides that, according to Micro-Touch & Consult (2012) quoted Boak, who wrote in 2010, innovation entails changes, but not every change involves innovation. Not every time the company is managing change is dealing with innovation, so innovation and change are quite often used improperly. Whereas change deals with things known to the organisations and is about applying existing knowledge; however, innovation deals with the unknown and is about probing new ways to make organisations profitable (Nagesser, 2014). So, as mentioned earlier, every innovation requires the company to change in order to transit from the previous situation to the new one, but not every change involves something innovative. In this section will discuss the relationship between innovation and change and organisation culture, leadership, and diversity and how its effect each other.
Example of organisation innovation
Google Inc
Google is known for sustainably creating new products and entering new industry. From the beginning with only has the searching engine until today has many other services such as develops the web application like Gmail, Google calendar, Google maps and Google docs to help the people to share information and communicate more readily (BBC News, 2016). Google has conducted much innovation to improve their organisation.
Google has a good innovation on their organisation culture which called 70/20/10 system (Hardy, 2011). This system was a principle that everyone should spend 70% of their time on their core job, 20% of each day to new projects or ideas related to core projects, and 10% to any new ideas they want to pursue regardless of what they might be (Bridges, 2015). As programmers, salesman, and even managers are obtained enough space to be creative therefore Google credits this rule with being the driving force behind new products and new ideas. It is hard to readily manage the flow of new projects and ideas when the scale of organisation become too large, Google instituted a schedule of meetings between employees and management. Within these meetings, employees can present new projects and ideas directly to the management (Thompson, 2018). Actually, leadership has a great influence on the culture of the company, and Google is not an exception. The successful innovation of organisational culture of Google was inseparable with its leadership style. Within organizational culture context of Google, employees feel free to provide their ideas and opinions as their managers support their employees to share their ideas with each other, including CEO Larry Page. Innovation is the core of Google. Every employee is conditioned to dedicate innovative ideas. In this organizational culture, Google also tends to smart employees who struggle for preeminence people. Thus, organisational culture of Google by sharing of ideas and capability to rapidly respond to the market to supports excellence in innovation. It shows that leadership of Google plays an excellent role to supports its employees. Google was applied theory Y when they manage the company (UKEssays, 2015). Google performs this theory due to their tasks incline to more flexible and innovative. Managers who use this method trust their employees to take ownership of their work and do it effectively by themselves (Mulder, 2015). For example, Google is using this theory as their leadership style and less inspect their employees. The leaders of Google concerned more about the demands and abilities of each individual, the study of the nature of human being, an appreciation their employees as their customers (Tran, 2017). At Google, it is real that they focus on the workplace brings the comfort to staff creatively and freely (Lebowitz and Breene, 2013). So the leadership of Google is playing an excellent role when implementing innovation.

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