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In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, nurses require leadership, which provides direction for new nurses. Leadership can be defined as a process of identifying a goal or target, motivating other people to act for achieving a goal. Within nursing practice, anyone who is responsible for giving assistance to others considered as leader. I remember that during my internship, I posted in cancer ward as a leader for our junior students. This was really a challenging experience for me to give care to work as leader. However with the support of a staff nurse I learn many new things. As normal routine I went for morning shift. As a team leader I had responsibility to assign the team members to different patients. I assigned them and gave orientation and training to my all team members.
I got different experiences with my team members. I gave training to them about how to administer the medications into patients. This was really a good experience to work with them. Through this, I learned lot of leadership skills and also I tried my best to become a leader.
Importance of character as a quality of leadership
Communication skills
When I got opportunity to become a leader, I had ability to communicate with different healthcare professionals, various team members in a clear and concise manner. The good quality of communication increases the chances of collaboration in between the patient, health care professionals and team members. This gave me confidence to deal with different people among different situations.
As I was first time assigned as a leader, I did not know how to delegate the team members. I felt that this quality was absent in me .Delegation should be based on the strengths and weakness of team members. The overall quality of care can be enhanced with good delegation.
During my training, I gave respect to my seniors, juniors as well as my classmates. This promotes positive workplace environment to understand each other’s opinions. I tried to remain impartial and respect the confidentiality of patients.
Problem solving
I tried my best to recognize the problem. I solved the problems by assessing, organizing, implementing and evaluate the problem. This skill is vital for leaders to develop the decision making skills
Nursing principles
This refers to the right of patient to control over his or her body. During my training, I followed this principle by allowing the patient to make his or her decisions. This gave right to self determination and choice with regard to the care, support and treatment.
As a leader I followed the principle to give benefit to patient. the procedures and care that I gave to the patient was for the betterment of the patient.
This mean do not harm. While giving any procedure to patient i assured that patient did not feel any pain and discomfort. This principle maintains good relations in between patient and health care team members.
Professional excellence
As a student , I want to get more knowledge and understanding about nursing skills and practice. I can achieve this goal with education and through lifelong learning.
Establish accountability
As a nurse, I need to be responsible for the actions in the health care environment. This characteristic is important for all nurses to keep accurate health records. This goal is effective for my professional growth and development.

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