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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Increase in carbon pollution from cars and homes was constantly affecting environment and is becoming an issue that need to be resolved for healthy atmosphere. Carbon fumes emission are cause of climate change which is a bad sign. With time these were becoming serious concern and putting price was most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon levy is charged on all transportation and heating fuels ,that emit green house gases when burned. It is not applied on electricity. The levy rate is based on the amount of carbon pollution. This levy provides financial support to families, businesses and communities to become more energy efficient.
Where as sustainable agriculture is required ,term defined as, not compromising with nature for future generation, meeting society’s requirements of food and textile without destroying environment for future generation to use these as well in future.There are various methods that are environment friendly and can be used so that soil, water, natural resources can be preserved for future generations. It includes 3 aspects healthy environment, economic profitability, social and economic equity.
On the basis of Data collected, results has been declared on carbon levy and rebate program by surveys that whether its being supported or opposed. Percentage of people has been increased from 32.8% to 45.0% in two years in support of this program while count has decreased from 67.2% to 55.0% in 2018 who were opposing .People with time got aware about the consequences of carbon pollution and started supporting the program.
Most support to this program is given by people in Edmonton that is 53.7 %where as 46.3% are still opposing, after that northern Alberta and southern Alberta with 36.6% and 41.5% respectively, and 63.6 % and 58.5% count of people are still opposing in northern and southern Alberta, in last 46.3 % support from Calgary with 53.7% opposition.
Positive affect about this program is that funds are prohibited from going to general revenue reinvesting in economies while helping households, businesses and communities .Having carbon taxes centers increased employment for people.
Due to carbon levy an average natural gas bill will increase approximately by $5 per month before rebates in 2018 as one negative point. Carbon taxes can indirectly effecting low income groups.
Pricing on carbon levy is in the way that works best for the province and preserves competitiveness of Alberta industry.
Examining this project throughout, I personally think that it was a great overall ,conducting survey in the way it has been attempted by students by calling people ,having good conversation with them, asking questions reaching to a decision according to them .Talking to people of different cultures having different customs and thoughts with different jobs and income wages, knowing their views about carbon taxes was great, all this helped me a lot to reach up to results that I was asked to do so. It relates me with my education at Lethbridge college as well as I am an international student, was not that aware about Canada’s (Alberta)economy or environmental impacts. I gained much self-knowledge about Alberta by talking to people directly with my own questions and was happy with that satisfied answers given to my questions.
Good to know that people were interested in the survey. Information, I gathered by talking to various people of different cultures, religions with different point of views doing different jobs would be helpful to me in future projects as well. Environmental issues such as carbon pollution such topics are so wide that they are on headlines in all subjects related to environment, so information can be used further as well I personally got aware about climate changes and would try to do less use of carbon so that fumes may not affect climate. Today my small contribution to this, tomorrow may help reducing the problem.

In last, I would recommend that students should be provided with more information before starting the survey. They should confidently know exactly what they are asked to do, what kind of results should be provided by them or How they should talk to such different kinds of people in the good way so that people too interestingly take part in survey giving there important few minutes to this survey. I hope this will help students in future in such kind of surveys.

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