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The value of malunggay
Plants are everywhere. They cover the face of the earth. They were just treated as a reliable food source in ancient times, but today, numerous benefits have beengiven by these wondrous creations. One of these plants is the MoringaOleifera, commonly known as horseradish and locally known as malunggay. Moringa is now among the priorities of the national government in its research and development programs because of its innumerable benefits.Malunggay a common local vegetable and has a nutritional as well a medicinal value. Malunggay is widely believed to contain nutrients and consumption of which promotes general well being. Malunggay is also called a miracle tree primarily for the various health benefits it can provide for almost all kinds of diseases and medical conditions. More over almost all of its parts have use – from its roots, pods, barks, flowers and leaves.
This plant are rich in vitamins such as minerals, protein, beta carotene, amino acid and etc. can also prevent and cure diseases like the cardiac and circulatory system, almost all part of malunggay is useful and effective like malunggay leaves in the form of salad, drinks, steam leaves that rich in calcium and potassium that good for our skeletal system. Malunggay has a fruit that contain 40% oil ingredient, which are used to produce cooking oil, also known as ben oil, similar to olive oil. In addition, malunggay fruits peel can serve as a natural replacement for sunscreen lotion. Although all its part are beneficial and healthy, the most effective part of it are leaves, which seem to be getting the most attracted or most easy to sell in the market because this leaves are use for drink like tea that can reduce th high blood pressure, and eliminate the fats and cholesterol. This plant is a healthy and nutrional plant that good for our health.

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