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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Integrity is one of the ethics of my life and has always helped me in long run. I encourage integrity as a moral way of life in all aspects and not just in the field of academics. Having attended a school with a traditional academic honor code as an undergraduate, I have always had a bias toward academic integrity.
Personal value – I am enrolling in this program with thrive to learn in-depth and become capable of consuming and handling knowledge successfully. To me, the marks aren’t as important as the knowledge obtained. One can learn more by contributing rather than copying. Maintaining academic integrity encourage me to construct new, distinctive and genuine ideas. Though, it is challenging to assess and synthesize the information at first but not so difficult to prevail over with the help of professors. However, any kind of dishonesty in academic practices can hamper the relationship between students and teachers. If integrity is ethics of oneself then it becomes easier to make ethical choices both in personal and professional life.
In my view, universities provide last chance to inculcate integrity in students. Having academic integrity as one of the core values for a University leaves an impression that the fidelity and accuracy of its students are preserved. Preserving and promoting academic integrity starts with an individual and its neglection can affect the fairness of the whole classroom. Knowing that xyzzy university has integrity as core value also gives me a sigh of relief that I will be evaluated with full fairness and an unfair advantage will be penalized as academic misconduct.

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