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Do aliens really exist? This question has long dominated the human imagination and whether you’re a believer or skeptic there’s tons of evidence that support UFO’s existence. We all have seen scary alien movies, or fake UFO videos via internet and aliens’ mems that created by people, but a lot of high-ranking government officials and scientists stated that UFO should be taken seriously. On the other hand, people argue about aliens were invented for entertainment purposes only. In this video we’re going to argue about the history of hidden facts that has been found over centuries and how it still exists in recent life.
Argument 1: (statements: believing in UFO)
Paul Hellyer, former Defense minister of Canada who came publicly stating that there is an extraterrestrial life present on earth “UFO’s are real as the airplanes flying over your head”. Hilary Clinton stated that she would do more research about UFO files when elected and publish those files for the public. Rob Bigelow, Nasa contractor during his 60 minutes interview states that his parents had a close encounter with a UFO. He also stated that he has been spending millions of dollars to invest on this subject and he confirmed the existence of UFO “There has been and is an existing presence, an E.T. presence and I spent millions and millions and millions – I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.”
Argument 2 (secret UFO programs and hiding potential reports):
Rob Bigelow was authorized by the pentagon to use millions of dollars on a top-secret UFO search program called Aerial Threat Identification Program. It ran for five years from 2007 until 2012 and the government came forward in 2017 about the program. According to New York times article, the program focused on investigating of unidentified flying objects with annual budget of approximately 22m$. Last time the US government had a similar interest in the 1950’s called The Project Blue Book ran by US air force. The program was publicly announced, and all the UFO sightings went wild. In 1993 a declassified file from 1952 have cited that the CIA managed to deliberately debunk all the data that were gathered, and the motive was people will be gullible and prone in UFO’s and as a result of their behavior they feared that Soviets will use UFO’s as distraction and attack them. Therefore, in 1968 the CIA came forward and debunked all potential evidences claiming it can be explained as a Venus, birds and swamp gas.
Argument 3 (involves human interaction with UFO and sightings)
It would be wrong to come across the unknown flying objects that terrify people without trying to understand what they are and their origin. On 9th March 1974, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) received mysterious reports from Washington about the human interaction with the UFO sighting (FitzGerald, 2014). A woman claimed to have seen an object one evening that appeared like a shiny metallic object that moved around the sky and disappeared in clouds. The provided information exhibited evidence about terrestrial life because the object that was no longer a star or planet but was associated with aliens. Therefore, aliens are real, and they are available, but the accuracy of detecting them seems to be a problem.

Another famous story that involves direct contact with a UFO, it was considered the first widely publicized of an alien report in the US. In 1961, a married couple named Betty and her husband Barney Hill had an overwhelming experience as they were coming back from a vacation that they had spent in Canada. Along the way, Betty noticed a white star in the sky which looked like it is following their car. The couples started to get scared until barney got out of the car and looked at the object by a binocular but as the object became nearer, he was able to look at figures wearing black uniforms and black hats. Barney panicked and ran back to the car. Suddenly, the Hills found themselves in further down the road. After they arrived home safely, they realized that their journey had taken two hours longer than it should be. The couple did hypnosis sessions executed by Dr.Simon who worked with them separately and last for six months. After the incident, the Hills claimed they started to have nightmares and through the sessions their statements about the encounter has successfully matched. Their trauma might have caused further emotional damage to them if they remember all of that at one time “Perhaps the single most important features of the Hill case was their initial amnesia about their experience”
Arguments 4 (recency: UFO):
One of the most evidence that UFO existence is real would be visual proof. The most recent incident including E.T. activity was the “Ireland UFO Sighting” on the 8th of November 2018 and “California UFO Sighting” on the 18th of December 2017. These two incidents can be arguable, but nothing could explain them other than extraterrestrial activities. In the Ireland UFO Sighting “Very bright lights” were seen by several airline pilots from different planes at the same time. The lights that were seen were said to be swerving towards the north. Moreover, the incident of California UFO Sighting a bright light was also seen in the night sky from different places all around Los Angeles. Footage of the incident was recorded and broadcasted through BBC and CNN. These two incidents are two visual incidents that recently occurred, various other incidents occurred through the course of the last two centuries that can confirm UFO existence.
Arguments 5 (the overall + opinion):
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