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Clay Jensen, is one of the shy student in the high school where Hannah attended he was described as the “perfect guy”. One day as he was returning from school back home, Clay receives a package in front of his door step. In the package that Clay founded where seven tapes and a map by Hannah Baker.
Before Hannah died she had recorded tapes for thirteen reasons why she had decided to commit suicide. Her instruction in the tape was like a chain message to pass the tape now down if you finish listening to it pass to the next which in the list.

The first reason why Hannah had committed suicide was Justina Foley, who was one of the student in the high school Hannah Baker and Jessica Davis had attended. Hannah, Jessica and Alex where new in the school dough they all hang around together but Hannah didn’t label them as her friends. However, Justin Foley was Hannah first kiss during their fresh men year in high school. Justin overstated the kiss he had with Hannah, spreading rumors that Hannah and him didn’t just kiss but was more than a kiss, this rumors painted a bad image to Hannah in the school.

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The Second reason to Hannah’s death was Alex Standall, who was also a new student in the school which Alex had collected all of Hannah’s fresh men records which he describes as Hannah has the best ass in their fresh men class. According to (Stewart, 2016) Hannah explains that the title led to a boy assaulting her in the local candy store, only adding to her feelings of insecurity after being labeled a slut.

The third reason to Hannah’s death was Jessica Davis who was Hannah’s class mate in their fresh men year in high school.

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