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Leadership is an essential for success and accomplishing goals. It is important to know what is leadership and how to deal with leading things. Leadership is the ability to improve an idea that motivates people to move with a passion to a common goal. Therefore, leadership is a method by which a person inspirations others to achieve their goals. Also, being a good leader establishes how people have to include themselves in the work and have to work with their team. In this assignment will cover leadership definition, importance, qualities, and styles. In addition, it is essential to know everything about leadership especially those points.

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There are many ways to define leadership and how important it is. According to Northouse (2009) “Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.” Leaders knows what they need to do and how to do their work. People can develop their leadership skills within instructions and exercise. There are many importance of leadership such as; improve productivity, providing guidance, and source of motivation. Leadership becomes a method of partnership that occurs between leaders and followers and this is very important. In addition, leadership is way different to management because leaders always focus on leading their groups, but the managers usually focus on managing their work whatever it is. Another different between leaders and managers, leaders have followers with them while the managers have assistants.

Leadership Qualities

There are many leadership quality, and each quality is different from leader to another. The more qualities leader has the more successful they will as leaders. Therefore, the first quality is vision, which means good leaders have a strong, clear ideas of what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve about their goals. The second quality is courage, which means when people are willing to risks in the accomplishment of their goals with no assurance of success, and this is very special quality that’s why every great leader should have this quality. The third quality is humility, which means good leaders are those who are humble and strong, people who have humility are having the self-confidence to recognize the value, being humble is to serve others and do the best for them. The fourth quality is cooperation, which means the ability to let people work for you because they want to, and working with people makes most of things easier to get things done and to get the results faster. The fifth quality is fairness, which means dealing with everyone else in the group, and every leader must check everything the followers do and hear from them and there is only one key to be successful leader which is probably fairness. The sixth quality is inspirational quality, which means helping people to connect their personal goals to their professional goals that they want to achieve, and leaders should motivate, inspires followers.

Leadership style

There are many styles of leadership and each style has an advantages and might be used in different situations. In addition, each leader prefers to use more than one style. Therefore, these are some of the leadership style;

The first style is authoritarian leadership style, which means it is utilized when leaders tell their followers what they need to do in their work and how they need to achieve their work, without getting the advices of their members. A good example of this is Hitler, the present of Germany long time ago. He made his decisions by himself.

The second style is bureaucratic leadership style, which means the leader ensures that everything must be done according to procedure or policy, if things are not done according to the book; the manager refers to the next level above them.

The third style is Democratic leadership style, which means it allows workers a high degree of participation in the decision making processing as well as open communication channels between workers and management. Leaders trust their followers subordinate and they believe in empowering their employees to take choices.

The fourth style is Laissez-fair leadership style, which means the leaders enables the followers to take a decision in their work and let them choose what they need. Moreover, the leaders are still in charge for the decision they take or choose.


Leadership is a method which means people influence their ideas, manners and performance of other people. Leaders put a goal to accomplish with their followers, and leaders helps to point followers in the same way and join their efforts. To be a good leader a person should be fairness, vision, humility, courage, cooperation, and inspirational. People should be committed toward their goal and a good communication power. Leadership development is an important trait to be understood and developed in organization further giving Human Resources an important dimension.


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